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Traditionally, South Los Angeles has been described as the center of African-American culture in Los Angeles, but in recent years, the dramatic increase in the Latino population has resulted in South Los Angeles being a truly multicultural community.

Kedren has changed with its community to address its complex and emergent needs.

Many of Kedren’s programs are delivered in “Service Area 6”, which encompasses 23 community zip codes including most of South Los Angeles, as well as the cities of Compton, Lynwood and Paramount.

Of the residents in Service Area 6

72.6% of children and youth live in poverty.
38% of children and youth live in single parent families.
7,645 children are identified as having mental disabilities.
Greater than 300,000 are Latino adults.
26.7% do not speak English.     
15% are unemployed
33.1% of families have food insecurity
28% of the open Department of Children and Family Services cases are in service area 6.
Gang violence is a problem of epidemic proportions in service area 6
47 active gangs have been identified in the immediate area, with 344 gang crimes committed during 2007.
75% of the adults over 25 do not have a high school diploma, and one in two have not completed the 9th grade.   

Kedren’s Head Start/State Preschool provides quality programs throughout Los Angeles

Kedren’s Head Start/State Preschool programs are delivered at 27 sites throughout Los Angeles in South Los Angeles, Wilshire/Westlake, Los Angeles, Cypress Park  and Burbank. 

A snapshot of Kedren’s Head Start/State Preschool families:

79% are Latino
12% are African American
The remainder being small percentages of Armenian, Cambodian, White, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Pacific Islander, Vietnamese, African Cuban and bi-racial
17 languages are spoken by enrolled families
52% of families speak a language other than English
30% of families served are single-parent families
15.5% of families are unemployed
91.4% of enrolled families are at, or below, the Federal poverty level.


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