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Kedren has adopted the Creative Curriculum, a nationally-recognized, research based curriculum used throughout the United States.

Kedren’s classrooms are dynamic learning centers that promote social, emotional, cognitive, and physical
development, allowing children to learn at their own pace.

The goal of the curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners, by encouraging them to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out new ideas, or to be inquisitive.

Kedren’s classroom teachers are caring, supportive, reflect the ethnic and language backgrounds of the children served, and understand the developmental needs of children.

Half-day preschool classes 3.5 hours daily with morning, afternoon and twilight classes (at selected sites), with services available Monday through Friday.
Full-day classes 6.5 hours daily, available at selected locations for parents who are working or in training.


Computers are available in every classroom with educational software to promote children’s development.
Free books and family literacy activities are provided for each family through Kedren’s collaboration with the Reading is Fundamental program.
Foster Grandparents serve as assistants at select sites, providing an intergenerational program for children.
Children are assessed to ensure the program meets their individual needs.
Specialized services for children with disabilities.
Nutritious breakfast, lunch/and or dinner and snacks for enrolled children.
Educational, enriching field trips provided twice annually.
Specialized nutrition curriculum, mental wellness, health and dental education delivered in each classroom.
Home visits to support parents as their first teachers of their children.
All teachers possess California Preschool Teacher’s Permits and Associates of Arts degrees in Early Childhood Education.




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