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We believe that the well-being of the child is linked to the well-being of families and we provide families with a continuum of supportive and educational services that promote self-sufficiency and resiliency.

Area Specialists and Family Services Associates work in partnership with parents to assist them in mobilizing community resources to promote their leadership skills; help them to develop personal goals and to design a plan for education or employment.

Partnerships are forged with local community agencies, hospitals, clinics, WIC programs, dental offices, employment programs, schools and organizations that provide free and low-cost services for families.  Staff work diligently to develop and match resources that meet the specific needs of the families served.


Family Assessments and Family Partnership Agreements developed for each family to assist them with resources and to plan family goals.
Parent Center meetings held monthly at each site to promote parents as leaders, provide agency information and educational workshops.
Parents are offered opportunities to volunteer in the classroom.
Annual community program for all children and families promoting parents as the first teachers of their children and providing access to community resource providers.
Annual appreciation luncheon for parent volunteers.
Male Involvement program to encourage fathers’ participation, and to provide them with workshops and training.
Employment Preparation Workshops and job fairs for families.


Success Story

After coming to the United States from Egypt twelve years ago, I enrolled my child in Kedren’s Head Start/State Preschool Program.  At the time, I did not speak English, and enrolled in Kedren’s Even Start Family Literacy Program.  I learned English, and went on to complete my GED while enrolled in the program.  I soon began taking college classes at Kedren. I’m now a Head Teacher, at Kedren, with my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I believe that Kedren was behind my success!


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