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The agency’s Board of Directors and Policy Committee, comprised of parents and community collaborators, share the responsibility of overseeing the delivery of high-quality services to children and families in accordance with Federal and State legislation, regulations and policies. 

These oversight bodies are involved in the shared governance of the Head Start/State Preschool Program.

Kedren’s Board of Directors is comprised of extraordinary professionals with a vast knowledge of the Head Start/State Preschool program. They are responsible for the overall fiscal health and accountability of the agency.

The Head Start/State Preschool Policy members are dedicated and caring parents and community members who come together to:

Serve as a direct link to their respective Parent Committees by reporting Policy Committee activities at the monthly parent center meetings.
Work with agency staff in the planning, coordination, and implementation of agency activities.
Assist in the recruitment of parents and community volunteers, and publicize the program in the community.
Work within their communities to obtain donations, especially goods and resources.
Work with their respective Parent Committees to plan the use of Parent Activity Funds.
Work with parents enrolled in the program to insure that they understand their rights, responsibilities and opportunities for participation in the program.
Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors.
Work to establish and maintain procedures to resolve community complaints.

Parents’ participation on the Policy Committee and at Parent Center meetings builds their leadership qualities, enhances their understanding of the program and helps to strengthen the overall agency, optimizing the benefits to families.

Success Story

My daughter attended Kedren Headstart for two years.  Although she knew a lot when she started, I was amazed at how much she learned in the first month.  At Kedren, my daughter got the basics she needed to transition to kindergarten.  Now after three weeks of kindergarten, she has started to read.  There is an excitement for learning that was first instilled in her at Kedren.  As a parent, I was also given the opportunity to participate in Parent Committee and Policy Committee where my voice counted.  We voted on important issues that affected the entire agency and made a difference for all families.  Having our daughter attend Kedren was one of the best decisions we made as a family.



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