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Kedren’s Head Start/State Preschool program embraces a vision of metal wellness.

Children’s school experiences are more positive and productive when they have a sense of personal well-being, and when they are involved in stable, caring relationships in their early lives.

Prevention is the central mental health activity of Kedren’s program, stimulated through the provision of a nurturing, caring, supportive environment for children and their families.  The program offers parents the opportunity to share concerns, learn about their children’s emotional development, and receive practical advice on how to address these concerns.

Each child entering the Head Start/State Preschool program is screened to determine if mental health referrals are required. The purpose of the mental health screening is the early identification of problems that may interfere with the child’s healthy development.

Staff communicate with parents and draw upon their knowledge of their children’s development, with a respect for their culture and values. They work to develop and build trusting relationships with parents and work as partners to enhance children’s well-being.

Mental health and wellness are woven into the curriculum, and achieved through the delivery of workshops for parents and teachers focused on stress reduction and wellness techniques.


Parenting classes taught at sites throughout the agency.
Specialized classes focused on dealing with children with challenging behaviors.
Teaching children with challenging behaviors, teacher and parent partnering for positive solutions.
Stress Reduction Workshop for parents, teachers and male caretakers.
Short term interventions for children and families are provided through collaboration with Kedren Mental Health Center and private practitioners.
Domestic violence education for parents through collaborations with local service providers.


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