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Nutritional health is vital to the overall health and wellness of children, and positively affects their ability to learns. 

Kedren provides nutritional assessments, counseling and nutrition education for children and families, to empower and educate them so that they can make healthy nutritional choices for themselves and their families.

Most of Kedren’s center-based programs serve children breakfast, lunch and snacks that meet at least one-third of their daily nutritional needs.  The menus are planned to encompass nutritional and cultural preferences, as well as to introduce healthy foods to broaden the child’s food experience.  All meals are served family style to encourage communication and replicate the home environment. (link)


Parent nutrition education opportunities including classes focusing on low-fat cooking and healthy eating.
Parents and appropriate community agencies are involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the agency’s nutritional services.
Food baskets are provided to families at holiday times and distributed to over 1,000 families annually.
The program is in compliance with all Child Care Food Program requirements.
Parents and staff attend an annual nutrition conference hosted by UCLA and other providers
Parents are provided with pamphlets and educational materials on various nutritionally-focused topics such as anemia, the food pyramid, buying healthy foods within a budget, understanding food labels and choosing healthy options in fast food restaurants.




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