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During my tenure with the agency, there have been many changes in the landscape of the community, and the myriad of needs of its residents.

What has remained unchanged is Kedren’s commitment to meeting the diverse mental health, educational, resource and wellness needs of children, transitional-aged youth, families, adults and older adults.

We provide a continuum of mental health services, primarily to residents in Service Area 6, and comprehensive Head Start/State preschool services to over 2,300 children and their families, throughout Los Angeles.  Our Head Start/State Preschool program is the largest delegate agency of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, and one of the largest delegates in the nation.

During 2008, Kedren served almost 10,000 individuals through a host of integrated, holistic, educational, culturally-competent and evidence-based programs and services delivered throughout the agency, which make a difference, and help transform lives. 

We are at the forefront of change and organizational growth, embracing a model of wellness, and enhancing our service delivery system to provide more intensive and comprehensive services and care for those we serve.  To that end, we are developing collaborative partnerships with primary care health providers, physicians, pediatricians, dietitians and other practitioners, to offer educational, wellness and recovery services.

These programs deliver services to underserved populations, often due to language, cultural or geographical barriers. The services are guided by the tenant to “do whatever it takes” to help people recover from mental illness, enhance outcomes for children and families, and to identify potential problems early, to avert them from negatively impacting the lives of residents of the community.

This is why we are integrating programs that focus on early intervention and prevention, serving children from birth to older adults, with a strengths-based, family-focused model to enrich the lives of those we serve, planting the seeds of physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth, and overall wellness. To that end, we are planning to develop an Early Head Start program to complement our existing Head Start program, offering comprehensive services to promote healthy family functioning, healthy outcomes for pregnant women and to enhance the development of children from birth to three.

Our central goal is to provide high-quality services and programs that are individually tailored, accessible, efficient, effective and culturally competent. We’ve served the community since 1965, with a caring, competent staff, guided by an exceptional Board of Directors.

We are continuously evolving and growing to meet the community’s increasingly more complex and diverse needs. We strive for excellence in all our endeavors, and believe in individual’s resiliency and potential for recovery and growth.  It has been an honor and a challenge to support those we serve, helping them to attain their optimal growth and potential.

Dr. Griffith attended school in England, graduating from the University of Sheffield, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and completing his Ph.D. at the esteemed University of London’s Institute of Psychiatry. He began his career at Kedren in 1981, serving as the Chief Operating Officer-Mental Health Services, until 2002, when he became the President/CEO. 

Under Dr. Griffith’s leadership, the Acute Psychiatric Hospital has expanded by eighteen beds, and Kedren has developed the Full Service Partnership programs, Wellness services and the Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Team. He has established collaborations with faith-based, and other human services organizations to serve the muti-faceted needs of the diverse communiies which Kedren serves.   

Dr Griffith has been the catalyst for the expansion and enhancement of many existing programs and services to better meet the mental health needs of the community.

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