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A Beacon of Hope in the Community:

Kedren Community Health Center, Inc., dba Kedren Acute Psychiatric Hospital and Community Mental Health Center, offers comprehensive programs and services for children, transitional aged youth, adults and older adults residing in Service Planning Area 6, experiencing serious or persistent mental illness or emotional disturbances.

We provide services in a caring, compassionate
environment promoting a shared vision of improving lives, and empowering individuals to recover. Service delivery is holistic, collaborative, multidisciplinary and culturally competent, focusing on the individual. Our highly trained mental health staff, together with our strong leadership, create an unwavering commitment to quality services based on our belief in the resiliency and potential of the individuals we serve.

A continuum of services includes:

Adult and children’s acute, inpatient psychiatric services
Children’s Day Treatment
Crisis intervention and stabilization
Family Preservation programs
Evidence-based Individual and Group Behavioral Interventions
School Satellite Programs
Field Capable Clinical Services
Peer support and Wellness services
Treatment services for co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders
Community Education
Full Service Partnerships
Advocacy and Resource Assistance
Rehabilitation and Community integration programs
Academic Partnerships



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