The Nursing Division at Kedren Acute Psychiatric Hospital and Community Mental Health Center continues to ensure the delivery of the best care possible for patients within the community and surrounding areas.

This is accomplished by assessing patient care and other supportive processes in a systematic, ongoing manner. The focus of patient care is the enhancement of supportive processes that are most important to the health and safety of the patients we serve.


The policies and procedures of Kedren’s Nursing Division are designed to identify and address high risk, problem prone cases, with the understanding that excellence in outcomes must be achieved.  The primary goal of the Nursing Division is to provide the highest achievable quality of patient care and services.

Kedren’s Nursing Division continues to remain in compliance with regulatory and professional requirements in the design of a staffing pattern which is commensurate with the qualifications and competencies of the individuals and is designed to meet the nursing care needs of the patients.

Kedren’s Nursing Division, along with the Multi-disciplinary Treatment Team Members, comprised of psychiatrists, registered nurses, clinical social workers, discharge planners, activity therapists; and occasionally, an internist or dietician, work cohesively to adapt to the specific level of treatment to meet the individual needs of our patients.

Kedren’s Nursing Commitment to Patient Care

The Nursing Division’s greatest achievement is understanding that the patient is the primary focus of the nursing practice, and that we are bound by Oath to provide the best care possible. Nursing remains one of the most noble and demanding professions that requires the highest level of personal commitment to the overall care of the patient.

Ongoing Goals of the Nursing Division include the following:

Patient safety which is promoted by a consistent pattern of compliance with reducing risks through an environment that encourages recognition and acknowledgement of patient safety.
Patient education is manifested by the multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of each client, tailoring the treatment plan to address their individual needs and improving their quality of life.
Patient education is also enhanced by assisting each client to build on his or her strengths by adapting skills through rehabilitative activities, which are designed to mobilize clients to employment, improve home life, and increase social skills and activities of daily living.
Kedren’s Nursing Division has embraced the creation of an environment that minimizes the use of Seclusions & Restraints based on alternative measures.

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