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Quality Improvement

Kedren has adopted the Department of Mental Health Quality Management plan and has developed comprehensive procedures to identify opportunities for improvement of care and services, in an effort to demonstrate excellence in its quest to provide the best possible care for consumers.


Kedren’s Department of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) provides the overall management, structure, and day-to-day Quality Improvement activities, interfacing with all departments agency-wide, clinical and non-clinical. The CQI Program has established a process for identifying and addressing services and system issues, through continuous assessment and evaluation to ensure high quality and effective levels of care for all groups, including children, youth, adults, families and significant others.

The goals of the CQI Program include:

To establish continuous improvement in quality as a guiding corporate value;
Promote uniform methodology for all quality assessment activities;
Integrate, whenever possible, administrative, departmental, medical, nursing, and ancillary quality assessment programs;
Integrate, whenever possible, the quality assessment, risk management, utilization management, and infection control, medical records discharge planning and clinical pathways components of the program.

Kedren has implemented procedures to comply with County and State protocol for Specialty Mental Health Services and the State Organizational Providers Manual.

HIPPA Overview:

Kedren has developed comprehensive policies and procedures that ensure patients rights to privacy and follow all HIPPA regulations. With the enactment of HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, a patient’s right to have his or her health information kept private and secure is law. It is a violation to release, or fail to adequately protect health information from unauthorized release or use. Health care information is released only after an authorization is signed. Communication with or about patients will be private and limited to those who need the information to
provide treatment, obtain payments, and support our healthcare operation.


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